Exciting news! On May 28th, at 10 AM CET, VALPRO Paths will be hosting a crucial stakeholders’ webinar titled “Exploring the Gaps and Lock-in Situations in Europe’s Plant Protein Sector.” This event will feature enlightening presentations from experts within our project consortium.
Who Should Attend?
Whether you are a farmer, researcher, consumer, policymaker, industry professional, environmental advocate, or part of advisory services, this webinar is an unmissable opportunity. Gain valuable insights into GAP analysis, which highlights the current barriers to growth in the EU plant protein sector.
Meet Our Esteemed Speakers
Dr. Ewen Mullins – Valpro Path’s Project Coordinator and Head of Crop Science Department at Teagasc. Richard Lynch – Project Manager at Teagasc. Dr. Moritz Reckling – Researcher at Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF). Dr. Maeve Henchion – Head of Department of Agrifood Business and Spatial Analysis at Teagasc.
Why Attend?
Expert Insights: Learn from top experts in the field. Comprehensive GAP Analysis: Understand the barriers to growth in the plant protein sector. Networking: Connect with stakeholders from various sectors.
Join us to explore the future of plant protein in Europe and contribute to the dialogue on overcoming existing challenges. See you there!