UNITO- University of Torino

UNITO’s DISAFA -Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences is leading educational body when it comes to agricultural and food sector. It offers both Bachelor and Master’s Degree and has around 2000 students.

Role in the project:

UNITO, as WP3 leader will: demonstrate through industry focussed pilot initiatives, the diversification of plant protein cropping systems and value chains, new circular business models and sustainability through a series of Innovative Production Systems (IPSs) focussed on new plant-protein pathways via:

● new business models with short supply chains, with on-farm processing or pre-processing (IPS1)

● early chain innovations focussed on varietal selection (IPS2) and agronomic actions (IPS3) that support Farm to Fork goals

● a system engineering approach that achieves industry’s ambitions for nutrient tracking and delivering food products that track carbon footprinting (IPS4) for full transparency to consumers.

● cross-regional production models where best locations to grow crops are exploited in synergies across Europe, and with logistics and processing value chains (IPS5).