NTUA- National Technical University of Athens

NTUA is the top Technical University in Greece. Today NTUA has more than 7000 students, 700 academic staff employed and more than 2500 researchers. The Laboratory of Process Analysis and Design (LPAD) from the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA, will work on the project’s completion.

Role in the project:

NTUA is the leader of Work Package 4: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) of the proposed Innovative Production Systems (IPS) – environmental, social and economic sustainability impacts.

In collaboration with the IPs leaders, NTUA will define the stakeholders and the boundaries of the system for each IPS in order to build the Life Cycle Assessment methodology for both initial phase and VALPRO Path interventions. Furthermore, NTUA will collect and process the data derived from IPS stakeholders for LCC analysis, as well as assess the environmental, social and economic impact of the proposed IPSs and compare them with the initial systems. One of the major roles will also be to identify hotspots and areas for improvements in the proposed systems and perform life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA) from a dynamic perspective.