MP- Molino Peila S.p.A.

Molino Peila SpA produces flours, semolinas, grits and semi-finished products from both organic and conventional farming. In 2010 the company enlarged its products range by acquiring a plant for the milling of rice, active until 2020. In 2016 the production of a wide range of flours and mixes was launched in the conventional and organic lines Innovation and high-quality products for new market trends as flours from cereals, legumes and superfoods, always gluten and allergen-free. Molino Peila is a major industrial market leader for gluten-free raw materials, able to satisfy all the needs of the most important national and international customers.

Role in the project:

MP is involved in WP2, WP3 and mainly in the Innovation Production System 5, by studying value chains integrated through Europe based on the pre-determination of suitable crops for the right pedoclimatic area and end use, and demonstrating the value of building synergies with cross regional applications, the exploitation of innovative post-harvest technologies, storage, logistics and processing that enhance the value of the final product and reduce the overall emissions related to it. Three crops (pea, lupin, chickpea) will be evaluated for flour production with different milling diagrams (pearling intensity; stone or roller mills, different fractionations).