With the aim of enhancing plant protein production in Europe and promoting consumer acceptance of plant protein-based products, the VALPRO Path project under Horizon Europe is embarking on a mission to identify key insights and address existing market challenges.

DIGNITY PRIVATE COMPANY, a consortium member of VALPRO Path has developed a comprehensive questionnaire tailored to different consumer touchpoints. This questionnaire aims to evaluate consumer behavioural patterns and preferences towards plant-based protein products. By understanding the factors influencing purchase decisions, VALPRO Path seeks to refine its business strategies and optimise product design. Furthermore, understanding consumer preferences for plant-based products is pivotal in shaping market trends, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainable food systems, driving the evolution of the industry.        

Let’s shape the future of plant protein production and consumption together. 

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About VALPRO Path

VALPRO Path, a Horizon Europe project spanning four years from September 2022 to August 2026, involves 22 partners from nine countries. It aims to revolutionise plant protein production in the EU through five Innovation Production Systems (living labs) in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Denmark. These pilots cover diverse climatic regions and focus on high-value protein crops such as pea, lupin, chickpea, faba bean, and lentils. By selecting the best plant-protein sources and employing sustainable practices, VALPRO Path ensures the growth of protein crops. Alongside enhancing plant protein production, the project also introduces vegetable burgers, baked goods, and pasta sourced from various crops. Emphasising bio-based products and circular business models, VALPRO Path aligns with EU priorities for sustainability. Tailored business models cater to European consumer demands for carbon neutrality, authenticity, and traceability, driving economic growth and societal welfare in line with the European Green Deal.

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