Varietal selection based on regional suitability and
nutritional characterization

Sites: Denmark, Germany, Portugal,
Italy, Ireland
Manager: Aarhus Universitet
Crops: Pea, Lentils

Choosing the right variety of crop is not an easy task, especially when you have to take into account locally adaptable varieties and nutritional benefits.

In order to answer major questions- Which variety to grow? When? How? – IPS 2 will ensure climate controlled and field testing to understand composition changes in each region, and climate resilience. IPS 3 is constructed to capitalize on the learnings of the stress resilience profiling. VALPRO Path partners will support the regional evaluation and demonstration of strategies designed to mitigate against vulnerabilities in current plant protein systems in up to 5 regions.
The existing data from national variety trials for major grain legumes on yield and crude protein will be complemented with data on minor legume species, and combined with new data on food quality composition, yields and agronomic parameters (tolerance to pests and diseases, and competition with weeds). The evaluation will be focused on circularity, protein concentrations, compositions, anti-nutritional and crop specific cost-benefit analyses. An IT platform portal for database will also be created.

Project Coordination:

Dr. Ewen Mullins

Head of Crop Science Department at Teagasc and VALPRO Path Project Coordinator

Oak Park, Carlow R93 XE12, Ireland


Project Communication:

Prof dr Mladen Radisic

CEO Foodscale Hub

THESSALONIKIS, 57001, Greece



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101059824.