farmB focuses on addressing gaps in agri-production by bringing together novel ICT and multidisciplinary expertise in precision farming. farmB’s Farm Management Information System is based on state-of-the-art technologies including machine-learning/deep-learning techniques, advanced algorithms for assessing the efficiency and environmental performance and AI-based strategic, tactical and operational decision support systems ensuring the optimal performance of the overall solution. At the same time, a farmer-centric approach has been employed in developing the graphical user interfaces, making the farmers “feel-at-home” and able to access the output of the tools in an easy to understand and ready to deploy in the farm manner using either their mobile phone or PC.

Role in the project:

In VALPRO Path farmB will contribute in supply chain nutrient tracking and environmental impact assessments. farmB’s Farm Management Information System technology will be used to monitor crops and gather information valuable for KPI assessment and for traceability that will be applied also to provide sustainability indexes.