APT- Antignano Prodotto Tipico

APT was born in the 2000 with the aim of promoting the area through quality products made by local artisans and farmers, to be inserted in a circuit of sale – now 80% of production is sold through Eataly’s shops. In 2009, the project underwent a further and certainly more important development: the beginning of the direct production of pasta, further increasing the selection criteria and quality already put in place in relation to other craftsmen. The main production is egg pasta, made with durum wheat semolina and whole eggs available also without eggs.

Our company has obtained organic certification, so we also produce pasta with ingredients coming from organic farming.

Role in the project:

In the project, APT is involved mainly in the IPS #5: Demonstrating the value of building synergies with cross regional applications and it will:
● extend the pasta line with high protein pasta (blend of durum wheat and chickpeas), with perfect amino acid profile
● Contribute to the dietary shift to higher plant-based protein in the diet
● Certify the amino acid profile
● Produce pasta with high dietary functionality (e.g. for elderly people)
● Demonstrate a business model based on quality products viable for SME