Plant Proteins Today:
Sustainable Future Tomorrow

Forging the Path
to Protein Sufficiency

From harnessing on-farm processes to creating business models, VALPRO Path aims to turn food-chain actors towards sustainable plant protein production.

Our mission is to pioneer fresh possibilities, validating and showcasing ways to enhance plant protein production for food and feed in the EU.

Filling the Protein Production Gap: VALPRO Path’s IPSs

With dynamic Innovation Production Systems (IPSs) strategically placed in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Denmark, and a specific focus on high-value protein crops like pea, lupin, chickpea, faba bean, soybean, and lentils, VALPRO Path is pioneering innovative production and processing systems.

Empowering Transformation

In sync with the dynamic European plant protein market, VALPRO Path will customize exclusive business models for each IPS, placing a premium on EU consumer demands for carbon neutrality, authenticity, and traceability. These innovative strategies will also propel the plant protein sector, driving economic growth and societal welfare, in perfect alignment with the European Green Deal.

VALPRO Path’s Full Circle


Running 5 multi-stakeholder ‘living lab’ Innovation Production Systems (IPSs) with strong industry involvement delivering value for industry, market & society


Applying multi-criteria mathematical modelling & optimization approach, integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, sophisticated data acquisition protocol and sustainable crop rotation planning models


Delivering 10+ circular value-chain business models tailormade for IPSs co-created with multi-actor approach



The current European plant-protein landscape is flawed. Heightened societal awareness of the environmental impact of consuming animal-based protein is driving the public’s awareness of alternative, sustainable sources of dietary protein. Yet, production systems are focused heavily on the production offered stock for direct transfer into animal sectors in an attempt to counter the European over-dependency on imported feed. In essence, there is an absence of premium supply chains, with farmers missing out on added-value opportunities that exist within the crops they already grow across Europe. VALPRO Path is focused on changing this, with an ambition to co-design novel value propositions that support farming systems to meet Farm-to-Fork strategic objectives.

Dr. Ewen Mullins | Head of Crop Science Department at Teagasc and VALPRO Path Project Coordinator

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Project Coordination:

Dr. Ewen Mullins

Head of Crop Science Department at Teagasc and VALPRO Path Project Coordinator

Oak Park, Carlow R93 XE12, Ireland

Project Communication:

Foodscale Hub

THESSALONIKIS, 57001, Greece

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101059824 and co-funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee.